vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Twitter about me examples

If you dont know what to write on twitter about me page, here is some examples:

Gosip Reader. Certified pop culture lover. Friend of animals expecially cats. Bacon nerd. Extreme Person. Clothing practitioner.

Comic buff. unique communicator. Incurable writer. Social bookmarking fanatic. General baconaholic.

Teacher. Proud latest gadget buff. Watcher. Organizer. Wannabe movie samurai. Thinker. Professional public guru.

Facebook fanatic. Blog maniac. professional alcohol evangelist. Infuriatingly humble rich person. Food geek. Travel trailblazer. ghost advocate.

Web administrator. Magazine collector. Friendly beer guru. Social media soldier. Analyst. Subtly charming bacon junkie. tea advocate. a fan of Music.

Pro analyst. Certified explorer. Hipster-friendly social media maven. Typical art  and culture practitioner. Violin master.

dimanche 5 octobre 2014

9 Indoor Ornamental Plants Air Cleaning

The following are the plants and flowers that can be used in addition to decorate the house is also able to clean the air, absorb toxic and harmful gases.

1. Aloe vera

2. Spider Plant

3. Gerber daisy

4. Snake plant

5. Devil’s ivy

6. Pleomele

7. Florist’s daisy

8. Peace Lilies

9. Azalea

On the future article the author will describe one by one function and information of the plants.